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when convert file type doc

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Subject:when convert file type doc
Summary:showing weird string
Author:Fikri F
Date:2021-03-05 07:09:04
Update:2021-03-05 07:38:52

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Picture of Fikri F Fikri F - 2021-03-05 07:38:52
when i try convert from ext .doc its always showing this string

"Y, z1MDi
siLaI/N, IQ XwB z9JrJ3Ax
O agYeHjkblChPWalfpX OAXlXVZbr CcBs rHDuALqW@C48v2Pn7VKYpVlE7AUeexwPx
,ot eU3gpsq530BUMZ4Ube9i5j ,zE5714g1nsBW 0xnGDA0Y4rl@2E5,bhWjKm68.wB.GtO 6Q "

and the first line at .doc now showing when convert to text file